TOKO SHENGELIA: Lead by Example

Moscow, Russia

After a few hard months due to the pandemic, the hall of famer of the VTB EJ Rowland returns with his chats among friends. As part of the motivational campaign for his urban clothing brand GRRR, Rowland talks to the recent ACB winner Toko Shengelia.

   After winning the first title of his career, Shengelia reflects on the key points of his winning mindset: “At the end of the day what happens is... do what you want to do or you're going to quit, right? So if you choose to do it, you’re still going to sacrifice time with your family, so might as well get something out of it. Why do it halfway? You’re still missing those times, so you gotta do it at 100%”.

   His versatility is, without a doubt, his best weapon: “I think that the fact that I can do many things on the court is my strength. I used to play point guard until I was 16 years old, or 15, before I went to Valencia. Court vision and ball handling really help me now. I know that if I only play on the post and they double-team me all the time, I can’t do much, I can’t help my team. So I know I have to keep my ball handling dribble at a high level, my shooting at a high-level, run the court at a high level, defense... so I know what I have to do and then I work on it”.

   Always showing his most passionate side on the court, the Georgian power forward ensures that leaving emotions aside is precisely what comes first: “For me, what comes first is ‘no emotions’. You have to be calm, you have to find what the problem is. Once you find the problem, then you're going to find the solution. You gotta talk about it with your teammates, and then lead by example because there is one part you can talk, but when you're done talking you gotta do. Whatever you say, you have to be the first guy who does it. Otherwise, they’re not going to follow. So those are my ways to deal with problems”.

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